Release: Labour launches campaign to save school lunches

The free and healthy school lunches programme feeds our kids, helps them to learn, and saves families money – but it is at risk under this Government, education spokesperson Jan Tinetti said. 

“National and ACT must commit to keeping free and healthy lunches in schools, which is making a difference in the lives of many children and young people,” Jan Tinetti said.

“Teachers and principals I speak to are clear on the benefits of this programme. They see the difference in kids when their tummies are full after lunch.

“ACT’s cold argument that it’s not worth it without more data ignores the simple fact that every child deserves lunch, regardless of where they live or go to school.

“You can’t measure the value of a child having enough to eat.

“The way the programme is delivered to children and young people in lower socio-economic areas, determined by the equity index, already sees it going to those who need it most.

“We also know how tough it is for many families right now with the cost of living and a Government doing nothing about it. Free and healthy school lunches currently saves a family $33 per week per child, or up to $1,250 per year per child on average. It also creates jobs in our communities. 

“That’s why Labour has launched a campaign to save school lunches, because even a programme that puts food in kids’ tummies and saves working people money is at risk with David Seymour and Christopher Luxon in charge,” Jan Tinetti said.

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