Save free and healthy school lunches

Kids learn better with a full stomach. Parents, teachers and principals all agree on that.

That's why we launched our free and healthy school lunches programme, which is already providing food to 200,000 school kids so they can focus on what's important – learning. 

We’re calling on the National Government to commit to continue funding free and healthy school lunches, to give families and schools certainty that the programme is here to stay.

We know that it’s tough for many families right now with the rising cost of living, which is why the Government needs to prioritise this programme which saves families $33 per week per child, or up to $1,250 per year per child on average.

ACT has previously committed to scrapping the programme and it may now be at risk as the Government tries to find savings for their tax cuts.

National have proven time and time again that they can’t be trusted to fund education. We need to make sure our kids aren’t the ones to pay the price if school lunches are scrapped.

Add your name now to help us save free and healthy school lunches.

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Help us save free and healthy school lunches.