Release: National’s new numbers promise NZ Police deficit

National’s new police numbers will result in a deficit, leaving New Zealand Police shorter staffed, says Labour Police Spokesperson Ginny Andersen.

“Today on TVNZ Breakfast Chris Bishop was unable to answer basic questions on his government's police policy - like whether they will deliver 500 additional police on top of those currently funded, or whether they will simply train 500 police,” said Ginny Andersen.

“Police lose over 500 frontline officers a year due to retirement or departure from the force for other roles. If National are just going to deliver 250 police a year for two years as promised, New Zealand will have a notably reduced police force.

“National needs to urgently own up to whether they’ve tried to pull the wool over New Zealanders’ eyes again on their coalition promise of 500 new police over two years.

“This comes only days after it was revealed that the Government had quietly changed their coalition deal to deliver these new police officers from two years, to three, and then back to two, in a humiliating flip flop for Police Minister Mark Mitchell at the hands of New Zealand First.

“Not only are we seeing the Coalition Government run circles around each other as they battle to save face, this is the second time in only a week we’ve seen the impact that Nicola Willis’s public service cuts will have on police.”

“Mark Mitchell needs to front up and explain what promises he actually intends to keep,” Ginny Andersen said.

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