Release: Mark Mitchell breaks Police coalition promise with New Zealand First

Police Minister Hon Mark Mitchell has confirmed to Parliament today that National has walked away from one of their key coalition agreements on law and order.

“National’s coalition agreement with New Zealand First promises 500 new frontline Police within two years. Today Mark Mitchell walked away from that, confirming that it will be at least three years to deliver on this promise”, says Ginny Andersen.

“Nicola Willis’ public service cuts are already beginning to bite. This is yet another broken promise that makes a mockery of Mark Mitchell’s claim that he will restore law and order.

“Only in December, Mark Mitchell ‘absolutely guaranteed’ that there would be no cuts or reprioritisations to the Police budget in order to deliver on the promise of 500 more frontline Police in two years. Two months later the Minister of Police is desperately back tracking.

“National needs to be straight up with New Zealanders about what these promised tax cuts are actually going to cost us”, says Ginny Andersen.

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