Release: New Super Visa for migrants’ parents and rights for Dawn Raid victims

Labour will back migrant working families by introducing a 10-year multiple-entry parents’ and grandparents’ Super Visa, and make good on the Dawn Raids apology by providing a one-off visa for overstayers who have been in the country ten years or more, Labour’s Immigration Spokesperson Andrew Little says.

  • Make good on the Dawn Raids apology by providing a one-off regularisation programme for Pacific and other migrants who have been in New Zealand more than 10 years,
  • New Super Visa for parents and grandparents to support their families in New Zealand,
  • Establish a Government Policy Statement for immigration system to better align with skills shortages and need,
  • Continue proven record on immigration rebalance to lift wages and fill workforce gaps.

“New Zealand is a place many want to call home. Labour wants to support migrant families by ensuring they have family support and legal certainty to call Aotearoa home,” Andrew Little said.

“Labour has built a balanced immigration system that strengthens our economy with decent jobs and higher wages, and provides more opportunities for families today and tomorrow.

“A re-elected Labour Government will introduce a 10-year multiple entry Super Visa that allows grandparents and parents of migrants to make successive visits of between 6 months and 5 years.

“This is about ensuring migrants, who can often be isolated and without support structures, have the family around them when they need it.

“Parents and grandparents will need to be financially supported by a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident child who is living here, and have medical and public liability insurance. We’ll also focus on clearing the backlog of Parent Residence Visa applications.

“Labour will also honour the Dawn Raids Apology with action.

“We’ll pass legislation in our first 100 days to deliver a one-off regularisation programme for well-settled overstayers who have been in New Zealand for 10 years or more.

“These people are part of New Zealand. In some cases they have been here for decades. They have family here, jobs and church.

“It’s only fair that children born in this country aren’t held back from making the most of their own lives, because of their parents’ irregular visa status. That is why regularisation will not be limited to any particular group, meaning people from all migrant communities will be able to apply.

“It’s time to put past discriminations behind us and fully bring into our society all those making a contribution.

“About 14,000 to 20,000 people could be eligible for regularisation, including every survivor of the Dawn Raids era who has never left the country. It means they will have rights at work and access to more government services like higher education,” Andrew Little said.

Labour will also continue to strengthen our immigration system in the following ways:

  • Implement the Productivity Commission’s recommendation to publish a Government Policy Statement for the immigration system to provide certainty for all,
  • Work to extend the Victims of Family Violence Work Visa to people whose partners are on temporary visas,
  • Undertake a broader review of family and partnership immigration policy with an initial focus on culturally arranged marriages,
  • Provide asylum seekers with adequate support services while their claims are processed and implement the refugee and migrant employment action plan,
  • Continue to strive to eliminate migrant exploitation,
  • Implement the review of the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme,
  • Add a discreet rainbow subcategory to New Zealand’s existing annual refugee quota.

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