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Labour's Review: Terms of Reference Agreed


Following a meeting of its ruling New Zealand Council yesterday, Labour has released the terms of reference for the comprehensive review initiated following its 2014 election result.  The review will comprise three elements

- a review of Labour's 2014 General Election campaign;

- a review of Labour's political positioning going forward, with reference to the past three General Election results; and

- recommendations for rebuilding and modernising Labour.

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Katie’s banking on winning


Finding phones and seats for everyone, training new volunteers, distributing lists of names and numbers – and feeding a small army of phone canvassers. That’s been Katie Anderson’s life three evenings a week since May. 

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Good sports Darlene and Gwendoline sign up to Young Labour


One minute they were in McDonalds, the next Darlene Tusani and Gwendoline Foliga were signing up as the newest members of Young Labour – and getting photobombed by David Cunliffe.

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"Hello, David Cunliffe calling!"


It’s a familiar campaign scene at Fraser House, Labour’s HQ. Around 30 volunteers are staffing the phone canvassing banks. There’s lots of familiar faces - Rama, Paul, Jessie, David, to name but a few.

David, coffee cup in hand, has bagged a seat at the end of a table – good move, you only get the hubbub of other callers on one side. Quite a few new volunteers have turned up this evening and phone bank organiser Katie Anderson is showing them the ropes but David’s an old hand so just gets a quick briefing on his list of names.

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Getting out the vote!


It’s a lovely sunny morning in Hamilton as we pull up with the big red bus at Wintec, the local polytechnic.

Early polling booths had officially opened today at Wintec, and I was excited to see how long the voting lines would be and how many enthusiastic students and first time voters would be there.  But I guess I was being a little naive and had way too-high hopes, not knowing that at the last election early voting got about near to nothing turn out, and the election ended up with the lowest voting turn out since 1887.

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Vote Positive Bus at Ratana


As the Big Red Labour bus drove through the small streets of Ratana (home of the Maori Ratana faith, a Maori church teaching Christian doctrine) the locals couldn’t have been more delighted.  We had finally arrived to meet up with the local Maori Labour candidate Adrian Rurawhe.

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Key's Levin claims are a lot of hot air

Levin hair salon owner Victoria Kaye-Simmons has cut through John Key’s claims that Labour’s plans to lift the minimum wage will hurt “the hairdressers in Levin or in Foxton”.

Team members at Victoria’s Shears Cutting Bar in The Mall, Levin, work on an earnings-sharing model which sees them paid an average of $21 per hour.

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On the trail with Ryan Pyne


Ryan Pyne pitched up to the Wellington Central campaign office and offered to deliver leaflets – and the next thing he knew he was at Fraser House hard at work on the Get Out the Vote campaign.

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Go South, young man - Ted Greensmith


Megan Woods dancing, David Cunliffe singing, stepping back into Labour history and taking Labour’s campaign messages to thousands of South Islanders - it’s all in a week on the big red bus.

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