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Congratulations from around the world

Jacinda Ardern gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 4:45pm yesterday, making her only the second woman in history to give birth while Prime Minister.

News of the arrival has resonated around the world, with several notable figures and groups taking the opportunity to congratulate Jacinda and her partner Clarke.

Take a look at just some of the messages across social media over the last 24 hours:

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Q+A with Hon Iain Lees-Galloway

In the wake of the Fair Pay Agreements announcement, we sat down with Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety Hon Iain Lees-Galloway, to chat about what we are doing to help New Zealand's businesses and workers. 

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It's World Oceans Day! Here's what we're doing for the environment.

Today is World Oceans Day. It's a day to raise awareness about the effect pollution is having on our oceans, and encourage proactive, forward-thinking solutions.

It's also an opportunity to think about our environment as a whole, and to promote action on the environmental issues that affect us all.

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Doing better for New Zealanders

We can and must do better for middle New Zealanders.

While recent years have seen wages generally grow for those at the top and bottom, we know middle New Zealand has been feeling the squeeze. Rising costs, particularly in housing, have meant a whole portion of Kiwis have been losing out.

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Happy Samoan Language Week!

Tomorrow is the last day of Samoan Language Week.

We're proud to celebrate the important role that Samoan language and culture plays in New Zealand. 

The launch of Samoan Language Week at Fale o Samoa in Mangere highlighted the importance of language in sustaining the community’s traditions and cultural identity.

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Mycoplasma bovis - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Mycoplasma bovis?

A: It’s a bacteria that causes painful and untreatable illness in cattle. This disease can present as udder infections (mastisis), abortion, pneumonia, and arthritis. Mycoplasma bovis causes cattle immense suffering, results in severe loss of productivity for farmers, and threatens to seriously damage the national economy.  It is important that we take strong action now to mitigate the risk this disease poses to our primary sector.

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What the Budget means for you

Last week, we announced our Budget for the coming year – and beyond.

We’re setting a course for the future – and we want you to know exactly what this future will look like. However, amid all the fanfare, media coverage, and political jargon, it can be hard to know how to make sense of it all!

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A history of supporting New Zealanders

As a Government, we know that fixing long-term problems needs fresh thinking and energy. We need to fix the immediate problems facing New Zealand, but we also know we need to look thirty years ahead, not just three - all while being economically responsible.

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Budget 2018: what to expect

This week, the Government will announce its first Budget. On Thursday, you’ll see what's in store for the coming year (and beyond!) as we present our fully-funded plan that'll set a course for New Zealand’s future.

Ahead of Thursday’s announcement, here’s a preview of what Budget 2018 will bring.

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