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Ingrid Leary

MP for Taieri

“Fair and decent living and working conditions for the people of Dunedin South and the Taieri electorate benefits the whole of New Zealand. Continuing with a Labour-led Government is the only way to keep building on the progress already made.”

Ingrid Leary
Ingrid Leary

Meet Ingrid

Ingrid is running in the new Taieri electorate which has drawn together urban Dunedin South with parts of rural South Otago.

Ingrid wants to ensure that the people of the Taieri electorate are fully involved in the response, rebuild and recovery of New Zealand. She has a strong, passionate voice representing the workers, beneficiaries, business people, superannuitants and farmers. She is someone with maturity who can continue the fantastic work retiring MP Clare Curran has done to ensure this region’s needs for jobs, health care, housing, climate resilience and a future for rail are high on the Government’s agenda.

Ingrid is a mother-of-three with proven experience in law, journalism, and public service. She has owned her own small business and understands the difference that
stable leadership, health and safety, and economic security makes to the lives of people and their children.

For more information about Ingrid or how you can contribute to her campaign, please feel free to contact her. She looks forward to meeting you and hearing your visions for the Taieri electorate.

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