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New fund to support Māori boarding schools

Labour will recognise the important role our Māori boarding schools play in growing our future Māori leaders by committing $20 million to a fund designed to provide them with financial support to continue to house, educate and manaaki rangatahi in their care.

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Judith Collins needs to show leadership on Goldsmith’s budget debacle

Judith Collins needs to step up and show some leadership on Paul Goldsmith’s budget debacle following reports today that National and the economic agency they used to verify their plan are each using different numbers in their latest versions, Labour Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

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Health cuts inevitable under Goldsmith’s bungled budget

New analysis indicates National hasn’t allocated enough in Paul Goldsmith’s error-ridden budget for new health spending, which would mean health services would have to be cut during a global pandemic.

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National’s shambolic economic plan going from bad to worse

In order to make up for the latest missing billions in their economic plan, National are now looking to strip billions from the transport fund, putting in danger projects right across the country, Labour Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson says.

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Reducing costs for farmers and growers

  • $50 million investment to create single farm planning to streamline compliance
  • Reducing costs for farmers and growers
  • Creating greater returns for farmers
  • Supporting a transition to a clean, green carbon neutral New Zealand
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National needs to rip up economic plan and start again

Labour is calling on the National Party to release its fiscal workings as the true magnitude of the errors in their economic plan blows out to at least $8 billion.

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National has $4 billion mistake in its economic plan

A basic error has left a $4 billion gap in National’s economic plan, Labour Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says. 

“If National can’t even do the basics required on their own policy costings, they cannot be trusted to run the country. Making mistakes like this have real world consequences that New Zealand does not need in this challenging time in our history.

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Supporting workers and valuing their contribution

  • increase sick leave for workers
  • increase wages and continue to improve pay equity
  • legislate and implement fair pay agreements
  • strengthen key employment legislation
  • protect vulnerable workers
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