Shanan Halbert

MP for Northcote

“As your local Labour MP in a Labour-led Government, your voice will finally be heard by people who can make a difference.”

Shanan Halbert



[email protected]


61 Birkenhead Ave,
Birkenhead, Auckland 0626

Shanan Halbert

Meet Shanan

Your voice will be heard.

Shanan loves Northcote for the same reasons you do.

Auckland’s best views, teddy bear hunts, bakeries, sushi shops, maroon rugby jumpers, that small town feeling. Just some of the reasons why he has lived here for a decade now.

It’s why Shanan bought his first home right here with his partner and their gorgeous German Shepherd. It’s why Shanan is Chair of the Birkdale Beach Haven Community Project – promoting the community’s well-being. And why he was humbled to be the person you came to locally for support, when Covid-19 put all of those things we love on hold.

Shanan has served over 15 years in education leadership and management at tertiary institutions. He’s learnt that to truly help people, you need to listen – and to hear their voice. That’s why Northcote deserves its voice to be heard.

Northcote is the greatest place to live in Auckland, but Shanan believes we can make it even better by:

  • Greater access to health and mental health services
  • Providing more job opportunities and training
  • Building the right mix of affordable and social housing
  • Improving our public transport systems in the area and fast tracking the Shared Path
  • Enhancing local retail centres and supporting local businesses

As your Labour MP in a strong Labour-led government, Shanan will ensure that Northcote will have fantastic opportunities to be heard. When your voice is heard, change happens – with even more new reasons to love this place.

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